Thursday, April 3, 2008

"He Smelled Like The Sun" - Dad

Zambales, Philippines 2008

First I was confused

Then I found some stuff to take pictures of

Then my camera was stuck to my face

Then I went nuts

R.I.P. Geronimo Labrador Abad

Grandma & Grandpa

The reason nobody wants to be a farmer anymore


8 seater

Tuck your feet in


Litson Jones is Raw

Battle Hymns

Navigators in the sidecar

Style with Ease and Strength through Patience

If it wasnt as hot as it was, he would float away

To and Fro

A candle to get water at night

Just to get water at night

Douglas the Cambing


Tricycle boat

In the waiting line



All hail the electric fan

The Sale



Put your money up

The Referees Decision Is Final

The Haves Vs. The Have-nots

Meron Vs. Wala

One Lives and One Dies

The Promoter and The Sweeper

Knives out

San Diego? Lets Go !

"If you don't know where you're from, you dont know shit" - Bro.

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